travelin the world

sup its dave
i saw egbert and a couple others goin places so i decided to take some trips for myself

tell me where to go next

((credit for the idea of hs travel blogs goes to tumblr user spangles!))

  1. ((i forgot about this blog AGAIN omg I’m sorry you guys!!! my friend is over right now but i’ll put up at least one ask tonight i promise! <3 thanks for sticking with me during my period of dead!))

  2. ((ahh! i forgot this blog existed!! ; 3 ; i have to go to school for the time being but when i get back i’ll get working on these asks!!))

  3. i found a place with some pretty sweet statues

  4. nobody is ever too cool for legoland

  5. the moon was pretty cool

  6. ((it might be tomorrow before I can answer any of these, SAI just expired on me! D: ))

  7. ((gosh guys! my inbox has tons of messages! for now, i have to go to bed, but keep ‘em coming! goodnight!))

  8. just gonna stand back and let you guys see this awesome architechture

    these guys were fucking masters

  9. i probably shouldnt have brought cal

  10. i like it here.

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